As a leading provider of supply chain solutions in the pharmaceutical industry in China, CR Pharmaceutical has a leading drug distribution and retail platform with nationwide coverage. We provide upstream suppliers and downstream customers with highly professional and efficient logistics, marketing, promotion, and other innovative value-added services targeting pharmaceutical products. 

Our distribution network of pharmaceutical products covers 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. Among more than 110,000 clients of CR Pharmaceutical, there are 8,003 secondary and tertiary hospitals, and nearly 70,000 primary-level medical institutions (the number increased by approximately 22,000 in 2020). 

We have 176 logistics centers and logistics warehouses in Beijing and Shanghai. The Guangzhou logistics warehouse in our distribution network is the first self-owned bonded warehouse in Guangdong Province that has been approved by Guangzhou Customs. It owns an industry-leading cold chain logistics management system and has gained third-party logistics qualifications for medicines and medical devices. 

We continue to seek international opportunities in terms of strategic cooperation, product introduction and joint venture partnerships to effectively enrich and optimize our product portfolio. In 2020, CR Pharmaceutical signed 35 international cooperation projects, which involved such sectors as chemical drugs, biological medicine, traditional Chinese medicine/Kampo products, OTC products, healthcare and so on in 13 countries. Content of the cooperation projects covers agency service for product introduction, pharmaceutical joint ventures, technical research, and so on. 

We strive to establish a highly professional procedure for the distribution of medical devices and build a specialized headquarters of medical devices. To this end, we have built independent medical device companies in 16 provinces to focus on the development of such product lines as intervention, in vitro diagnostic products (IVDs), orthopedics, equipment, and consumables. 

At the same time, we vigorously develop import-oriented innovation, and have realized self-circulation of the whole supply chain that covers import, warehousing, logistics, distribution, pharmacy management, and terminal distribution. We have also strengthened the construction of multiple ports in Shanghai, Beijing, and Jiangsu, and realized collaboration among inspection, bonded warehousing, bidding, etc. 

As one of the largest pharmacy networks in China, we own a number of national and regional premium brand names, such as “CR Care (华润堂),” “Yibaoquanxin (医保全新),” “Li’an chain (礼安连锁),” and “Tung Tak Tong (同德堂).” Based on our professional retail pharmacy brand “TECK SOON HONG,” we establish a system that integrates the distribution of prescription drugs and value-added services, such as online prescription dispensing, door-to-door drug delivery, medical consultation and health management services. 


Our retail pharmacies offer a wide range of products and a diverse product portfolio, which covers prescription drugs, OTC drugs, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and medicinal materials, medical devices, and non-medical products. 

We are accelerating the integration of resources in the pharmaceutical retail sector, strengthening the construction of an integrated retail operation system, and actively introducing high-quality products, such as innovative drugs. By building professional and community-based pharmacies at a faster speed, we aim to build our standardized, differentiated and professional competitive edges and vigorously facilitate system construction and development of the new retail sector. 

We continue to strengthen business planning and standardized management and control of retail pharmacies, enhance the coverage of the ERP system for the retail sector , and expand the distribution of professional pharmacies offering high-value direct-to-patient (DTP) delivery service. At the end of 2020, our retail pharmacy network of 862 self-operated retail pharmacies and 194 DTP pharmacies has reached 93 cities of 21 provinces across the country. 

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